How to prepare your skin for a spray tan

To Prep skin:

18-24 hours prior to your tan:

Exfoliate skin Using a spa grade body scrub available at Bare Spa inside 8th Street Escape. If this is not available to you, try to use shampoo and a loofah or shower glove.

Shave as necessary

The day of your tan:

Do Not apply Deodorant, make up, oils, perfumes or lotion to your skin, this may cause an uneven tan.

Wear dark, loose fitting cotton clothing and bring flipflops to your appointment to wear while in the spa. You can wear anything you want during the tan; and in cold water the solution seems to wash out, but I cannot guarantee that the solution will not stain.

If you are under the age of 18, a parent must with with you the entire time.

After session care:

Avoid contact with water and avoid sweating for at least 8 hours

If you sleep in your tan, wear a long sleeve cotton top and long cotton bottoms.

The fading and length of your tan depends on the care of your skin, so try to hydrate (drink water), moisturize twice a day, and pat dry (don't rub) when exiting the shower.

Use a gentle non acidic body wash in the shower (avoid exfoliating beads)

Some Anti-aging or acne Products, chlorine and Bar soap have shown a history of reducing the length of your tan as well as uneven fading