Spray Tanning

Organic Spray Tan $40

Aloe based Organic and PETA approved Vegan

Book a tanning party

Spray tan party* $25 per tan (4 person minimum)

Monthly spray Saver club $60/ month

Eye protection, lip protection and nose filters are available for a $3 purchase upon request

Lotions & body care $20 Each

A luxourious scented body scrub for pre tan care exfoliates your body and preps the skin to get the most from your tan!

A non exfoliating Hydrating body wash is the way to go to maintain your tan

A face and body moisturizer and tan extender helps maintain your tan as well as enhance the color gradually

Tanning drops $5
Choose between slimming, anti-aging, glimmer, and pineapple scented drops to your organic spray tan.
* milage fees may be applied outside of a 20 mile radius of the spa (.55 per mile)

Results vary, not recommended to anyone with a peanut allergy